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"The Earth supplies enough for everyone's need, but not for their greed." Mahatma Gandhi

Welcome to MCL

Compassionate living is about making connections between the way we live and the way others suffer, between unnecessary industrial development and the destruction of the planet. It involves a commitment to work non-violently for change, promoting lifestyles that are possible for all the world's people, sustainable within the resources of the planet, environmentally friendly and free of all exploitation of animals and of people.

The Movement for Compassionate Living exists to:

Dietary veganism is an important first step, but if we are to work towards the liberation of both people and the animals of the Earth, refusing food and other products derived from animal exploitation alone is not enough.

We must extend our compassion to all life:

Only fully compassionate living will nurture the growth in human awareness and commitment on which the future of the world depends.

Please visit and glean information from the pages in this web site by using the menu to the left of each page. MCL's range of leaflets provide more details on various relevant subjects and printable versions can be found on our publications page.